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Our Philosophy:

At Stiltskin we have a very simple philosophy.

We are in the IT business to serve you, our client, and our aim is to do that outstandingly well.

We know that our clients have a world of choice to find that service; we want them to choose Stiltskin.

Our culture is founded on excellence in client service, underpinned by a strong emphasis on core values that permeates all our relationships with clients, markets and our employees.

Our aim is to continuously exceed expectations as our future depends on us always striving to better in everything we do. 

Our Core Values: 

  • Integrity, trustworthy, straightforwardness and transparency in everything we do.

  • Listening, investing time and attention to understand our clients by listening to their needs.

  • Excellence in performance, outstanding placement skills, delivering true value for money by addressing our client’s actual needs.

  • Reputation, maintaining a superior reputation as judged by our clients and fellow IT professionals.

  • Service, always striving to increase value to our clients through an analytical approach, innovation and market knowledge.

  • Commitment to people, providing an environment that encourages like-minded professionals who want to be part of the Stiltskin team, thus sharing our vision.

    Our business keeps evolving as fellow IT professionals choose to bring additional skills to our company. 

Our commitment to Service: 

Stiltskin’s attitude is straightforward, if you don’t believe in service, you shouldn’t be involved in a service industry.

We are totally client orientated, every client deserves and receives individual treatment, affording them the time and attention they deserve.

We differentiate ourselves from competitors by committing senior staff to work on the client’s day-to-day business, not just providing periodic ‘senior face’ meetings.

Our aim is always to attract and retain top IT professionals in each field of specialisation.

In addition, we will provide advice and support to help our clients address the issues they face and find real answers to their problems and needs.

As a result, the level of the service and performance that we provide is rarely available today from big public corporations.

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